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Sheila Clark is an accomplished and experienced Fashion Stylist.
Born and raised in NY, she grew up in the world of child modeling.
This experience has enabled her to view the Fashion industry from many perspectives and gave her a unique insight into the needs of everyone on the set.
Sheila has a Fashion degree from FIT, a Business degree as well as a cosmetology license. This diversified education has made her a very well rounded Fashion stylist. It has created collaborative skills in all areas of a Fashion shoot, from casting and production to client budgets and talent needs. Her experience of managing Fashion departments in NY as well as Chicago has established long-standing relationships in the industry as well as a very strong background in Casting and Production.
She is a seamstress and understands clothing and fit, which has made her a master of pinning and tailoring on set. Sheila is well known for her attention to detail, her fashion sense and her ability to collaborate with team members.
Her client list includes Simplicity Creative Group, Belk’s, Dillard’s, Celanese, Sears, Target, Avenue, Party City JC Penney, and Vermont Country Stores, Most magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Modern Brides and more.